385 Matinee Mysteries “Was it Obi -Wan Kenobi in the Yucca?”

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All seemed fine amongst the dagger-like grass and then there was agitation.  The hard blades began to slowly move towards a giant clasp. And then, on the brink of dusk and the curb of the mighty blade, Time and Purpose was in alignment, with no warning an unknown force came into view and made itself felt. Its power was unearthly, but captivatingly beautiful.

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It was all over in less than a century or was that an Old Planet second? Even Power gets burned when Courage fights for values and truth. There was casualty, but here was the proof that in Winter all is not at all lost, it is saved to be renewed. Wisdom rules it must simply retreat to fight another day. In your very neighbourhood, just as here, these brave swords now hang for all passers by to remember and be encouraged, Truth is never a battle fought in vain.

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273 How May rejoices its colour differences in the neighbourhood

Where coloured looks exotic and strong from a distance, and white will impart a light bouquet.




Species are designed to complement.












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178 I’ve known a lot of flowers in my time…………


Those who are born to be part of the beautiful crowd.

When the wind stirs, even just gently,  how it works to help create attention to what is always a very timed beauty.  When its lovely head stirs, its truth will become undefinable, untouchable, impossible to focus upon. But even a blurry aesthetic perfection can have charisma. Its chiffony, dreamy drift will waft the air with intrigue and as if with a slow anaesthetic, intoxicate a gaze from all directions. From all directions, we are so infatuated with the promise of illusive beauty, we have to ask “Oh… who is that?” 




Those whose fate it is to exist within a harsh environment, but can nevertheless, unexpectedly reveal a much needed beauty to bring Hope to all.

Only a few can seem to manage it. The most patient, sturdy, slow worker can reveal their talents when least expected.   In the results, amongst what appears fast, hard, ambitious growth – yet defensive, the appearance of  soft and nurturing blossom, shows that fragile and strong must be part of the same. All is never lost – just hidden.




Those who are bright and bold would never survive on their own smiles. Happiness can only be brighter if shared.

Such a rightful place is to be amongst a bouquet, where their intense joviality holds it all together and keeps the whole looking lovely.




Those whose wierd and wonderful characters can surprise with intrigue.

The individual, peculiar, unfitting; the so called “different”, may appear to be the most disturbing ,even in a world of bio-diversity. Strangeness against the norm is not easy to understand, but when it flourishes and performs, they contribute the most memorable and lasting experiences, that Truth is not predictable nor easily understood.




Those whose demeanour is known to provide reliability, morality and honesty.

Within maturity, their solid and mature purpose exists to give the flush of the new a protective framework for the future and its navigation through the world of climate change.




Those whose lifetimes are the global favourites.

“Love of Life” is defined by inspiration, passion, enthusiasm and excitement. But Love in Life is the ultimate experience, when it holds the pure finesse, grace and etiquette of sweetest scents.

Beautiful . Soft . Bold . Unpredictable . Reliable – here is a complexity which contains everything from everywhere and in perfect balance. But most of all, it is the universal symbol of what should be a simple gesture for all – a harmonious time for Love.




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