387 Advent Eve . Crystal Night

img_20161128_164044997The official eve of Winter.  In the world of forest and field, stems of all ages and sizes are naked. The once powerfully dressed giants of swathing green and the gentile,delicate ferns beneath them, now show how all is created equal when stripped bare.


This means that Autumn is now resolved. Its skills in creating the unity of leaves over the past few months, has been a triumph. All have their own perfect timing to gradually stray upon the Earth and to dissolve within its surface. No revolution will ever change this process.

Tonight, the ground is a carpet of crystal, as if the stars have fallen from the now undisturbed sky space. Is it too simple to think that the impossibly distant and giant sun balls change into freezing crystal specks when we are not looking?

Light is certainly a shy and contrary beauty with both hot and cold extremes. As a main key holder in creating life, light has immortality. Infinity is not for us to question or keep it, but respect its ceremony and purpose. If its gods decide to travel from sky to earth, so be it.

From the bringer of life, warmth and illumination,  we don’t often think about or expect Light’s final touch as frozen adoration. Crystals can be the mark of a true romantic, however cold, but such is the necessary gifting of opposites. The nature of the Universe is contrary.

But now, the air is clear.  About the future, the Universe is now below our feet. Winter is here. In the UK, tonight, the stars are on the ground. The real Winter Wonderland.







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385 Matinee Mysteries “Was it Obi -Wan Kenobi in the Yucca?”

img_20161128_161821901 img_20161128_161834571

All seemed fine amongst the dagger-like grass and then there was agitation.  The hard blades began to slowly move towards a giant clasp. And then, on the brink of dusk and the curb of the mighty blade, Time and Purpose was in alignment, with no warning an unknown force came into view and made itself felt. Its power was unearthly, but captivatingly beautiful.

img_20161128_161328645 img_20161128_164203400 img_20161128_164203200 img_20161128_164203000 img_20161128_164202790 img_20161128_164202578 img_20161128_164202370 img_20161128_164202146   img_20161128_161821901 img_20161128_161801151

It was all over in less than a century or was that an Old Planet second? Even Power gets burned when Courage fights for values and truth. There was casualty, but here was the proof that in Winter all is not at all lost, it is saved to be renewed. Wisdom rules it must simply retreat to fight another day. In your very neighbourhood, just as here, these brave swords now hang for all passers by to remember and be encouraged, Truth is never a battle fought in vain.

img_20161128_161746926 img_20161128_161734591




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377 Wake up somewhere between Dreaming and Reality  

And it will be time to leave the past week far behind you. Once that is done the day will always become bright. Make a wish.

Then take a walk along Pavement towards Town. Today in Autumn, when the sky is China Blue it will be so very clear above your head, that you will see infinity. Somewhere along A2B Point, allow yourself to stop and look around. Look up to check the trees for any final remnants of that precious gold leaf flapping its lustre. Breathe in the space.

Now look down. By your feet, there will be a safari in the making. If you have never witnessed how some rather unremarkable greenery is conjured into old, leathery African elephants coming to a final resting place, then look now because the experience will only last a moment and can not be repeated.  Marvel, move forward, but don’t be surprised, it’s only magic. It comes from you.






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375 Atomic Dawn


When sun breaks on

Man-finished Nature

Through a small window

Of time


Light moves

Breaking, tiny, fast and smooth

The particulate pieces of 1







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374 Convenient landing pads for tiny green mobile travellers


A Magnolia and Azalea collaboration

Where difference in size is style

Join the trend.

Happening in Autumn across the world


Air, bush n’bract






© 2016 La Floralie 2


373 Its the little stuff that colours the view

img_20161115_115538900_hdr img_20161115_115524354 img_20161115_115226840_hdr

1 tree

Passing clouds in microseconds

And the world shifts

Sunshine and orange in one moment

Burnishing and crimsoned the next

Then the invisible

Moleculars continue to reposition

The structure bit

By bit a new existence

Top to ground

In a float second

That’s just the tree

Then there’s us

Looking up

Looking down

Looking in

Looking closer

We can’t change any of it

Except how we look at it

That significant other to the miniscule

img_20161115_115108836 img_20161115_115054284




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