399 After 24 hours, a bright future for UK lamb

Today. With the sun, we always have the approval of the sheep
Yesterday. The wool was pulled over their eyes



Photos Stourbridge UK, December 2016

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392 Breathe easy……for Winter is sweet declutter

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img_20161128_161235846 img_20161128_161258774






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374 Convenient landing pads for tiny green mobile travellers


A Magnolia and Azalea collaboration

Where difference in size is style

Join the trend.

Happening in Autumn across the world


Air, bush n’bract






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373 Its the little stuff that colours the view

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1 tree

Passing clouds in microseconds

And the world shifts

Sunshine and orange in one moment

Burnishing and crimsoned the next

Then the invisible

Moleculars continue to reposition

The structure bit

By bit a new existence

Top to ground

In a float second

That’s just the tree

Then there’s us

Looking up

Looking down

Looking in

Looking closer

We can’t change any of it

Except how we look at it

That significant other to the miniscule

img_20161115_115108836 img_20161115_115054284




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372 No trifling with Freedoms. Outside a prison wall

Seeing the trees grow, only ever a privilege outside a prison wall img_20161115_115336827_hdrimg_20161115_114149156 img_20161115_114207715img_20161115_114100779





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371 A slight stir of the shadow between still-life and living on a night’s rare event


The Supermoon. Every 69 years.




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370 …Small wonders at the water’s edge

Stourbridge Canal completed 1779, just before the eve of the railways for the transportation of raw materials and goods created by the Industrial Revolution.

“…sufficiently wonder at the intrepidity of these diminutive mortals, …”

Gulliver’s Travels . Jonathan Swift . 1726


This is The Nail House.

All along the canal were many nail manufacturers in the C18th-C20th. Little tools, but an important part of the heritage of the “The Black Country” with its industrial history in metalworking.

“….nothing is great or little otherwise than by comparison.”  

Gulliver’s Travels . Jonathan Swift . 1726

Near Kinver, Staffordshire, Remembrance Sunday 2016



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