380 Finding the Enchanted Forest. Magic in the jungle

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Especially for adults…

Fortnum and Mason, Piccadilly, London, 22 November


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379 Black art charms a modern Winter’s dusk

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Black Art charms

A modern Winter’s dusk

For urban renewal

Money changes dwellings

Gold glimmers on trees

The Art of Nature

Rests its spirit

For the Nature of Art

Where living silver birches once grew

Suns set on a haunt

Where no bird can nest

The omnipresent resplendent rod

Giant Nightstick

Peninsula Square

Greenwich Peninsula, London, 22 November


© 2016 La Floralie 2

378 Now….and Then…A Maestro Masterclass

Slow Magic

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Slow Magic. Only a Master can command the skills at the level to take us from one season to the next. Focus must be perfectly aligned with Time  for the long-term. Preparation must be faultless as only the subtle, invisible development of the final magnifique will do.

To continue from yesterday’s post (377), as part of Spring’s design, the Maestro denotes that the wisdom of elephants had originally been given through the gift of listening. To be able to grow the very best and biggest ears is a trick indeed. These structures continue to peak well beyond May time. Anybody would think that they were not elephant’s ears at all, but a rather decorative plant. A most strange perception.


Autumn’s most celebrated extravert, the vermilion Magnolia seed began its journey at early Spring positioned in the blossom’s central powerhouse, the very heart of every flower, where the pollen resides.

The energy centre delights in contradiction,  a metamorphosis from Beauty to Beast to Beauty progresses through 7 month deep, but fragile transformation. In the mix there is the simple elegance of delicate floral structures, only to precede an eventual prehistoric ugliness, but there is a divine purpose to all this wizardry.

Through this dark, mysterious process, now mini wizened pods of wood appear. Slowly, the magic emerges, from the dull comes daring. On opening, bulging alien-like red eyes will surprise us, maybe even shock as they eventually pop out of their sockets. But how did they get there? Spring’s memories of that sophisticated  floral “royalty” are now distant, but Paradox and Illusion is all to play for.



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377 Wake up somewhere between Dreaming and Reality  

And it will be time to leave the past week far behind you. Once that is done the day will always become bright. Make a wish.

Then take a walk along Pavement towards Town. Today in Autumn, when the sky is China Blue it will be so very clear above your head, that you will see infinity. Somewhere along A2B Point, allow yourself to stop and look around. Look up to check the trees for any final remnants of that precious gold leaf flapping its lustre. Breathe in the space.

Now look down. By your feet, there will be a safari in the making. If you have never witnessed how some rather unremarkable greenery is conjured into old, leathery African elephants coming to a final resting place, then look now because the experience will only last a moment and can not be repeated.  Marvel, move forward, but don’t be surprised, it’s only magic. It comes from you.






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376 Cigam! The Power of Fairytales

Walton Street, London. Walk past Phillipa Craddock, one bespoke florist, now quietly stilled in golden dressing. Then take a few long steps backward whilst Time is going forwards. Wave the wand of street light very fast to find yourself transported in the crystal Snow Queen landscape at Joseph, Brompton Cross.

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