319 The Happiness of Sadness

Sitting in a cafe in Bristol, unfortunately I can not upload my latest photos, but I can recall why I started blogging and what gradually immersed or perhaps shoved me into being so absorbed in flowers  through the eyes of  what is a very modest  phone camera.

Thinking about my original starting points from May 2014, I wondered if since then, I had departed from the purity of intent, whether the speed of my life had reduced my originally longer posts to too many instants. Yes it has, but we all seem to lead fast lives and for us to digest sometimes the  longer posts which I like to take time to write , also takes time to read, but it makes me wonder….

So today I revisited  to my very first post on my first blog , La Floralie. On this my memories and emotions  went way back to my son’s birth and the gift of a blue bouquet. Like the best memories, it only seems like yesterday. This week my son was 27, yesterday is amazing, and the stars still sparkle and the sun still rises. The givers of the blue bouquet are no longer here, but at this point I remind myself of their goodness through their quirkiness,  and how I miss it. Because of their absence, it made me walk differently into Nature, and when I took my walks a few Springs ago, it was to show them the seasons. Strangely I have learned so much more than I intended, Infact I hadnt intended to learn anything, taking photos to “show” absent friends just took me on a very good path.

Today in this cafe in Bristol , I am awaiting to see a band from the 1970s called The Stranglers, many may know the iconic song Golden Brown circa 1980.  Its a great. This UK  city is so totally alive, full of the diversity  and chirpiness that life can give. Its friendly. Acknowledgement of difference feeds the soul here. For the givers of the bouquet diversity  was a natural phenomenon, one had a n Anglo-Chinese mix ,  the other was adopted and absolutely into his reggae music. They met at school, but what would have happened if they had not? People like me would have not come to meet  both their “blend” and singular identities of what they offered.  It wasn’t to be that they should stick around, all roses must fade, but the best of their personas are a very,very good experience to journey with.

Thinking of them both just now,  it gives pause for thought on  how important it is that we should strive to be the very best we can be. I feel lucky. I was born on the “right side” of the planet, I have my share of life’s perfect moments where everything just is. How does that happen?

Sitting in this cafe, I couldn’t make it up, a guy with a huge bunch of silver cartoon balloons  of The Simpsons has just turned the corner. A definite bouquet for a happy day.


The very first post  https://lafloralie.wordpress.com/2014/05/28/30/

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273 How May rejoices its colour differences in the neighbourhood

Where coloured looks exotic and strong from a distance, and white will impart a light bouquet.




Species are designed to complement.












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200 When Lily met Iris

IMG_5699  IMG_5700          On opening my petals, there could have been a blank wall, but there she was, a pure blue symphony. A symbol of modernity and mystery, she was a bloom of her time, complex, attractive and empowered.


As I moved forward to look at her she said. “You smell truly wonderful. I was born without fragrance.” “Thank you,” I said, “I was born with perfume , but no colour, and may I say you have wonderful complexity of form”

“Mr Lily”, I believe we might be quite well suited, “Let me stretch my arms…vases were made for dancing in..”

IMG_5707  IMG_5704

And then Iris said, “Mr Lily, for the brief 1000 moments we have in each other’s lifetimes, let’s live together…Lets talk, lets watch the world from these vases, and with the other cut flowers, and embrace this one and only brief opportunity to be in perfect harmony.”

“Yes, Iris, let’s live that one chance” I said.

They say flowers don’t talk…….

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196 Beauty, Form and Function

IMG_2789  IMG_2779  IMG_2788

Harmony. A Mother’s purpose. Mother’s Day 2016.


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