399 After 24 hours, a bright future for UK lamb

Today. With the sun, we always have the approval of the sheep
Yesterday. The wool was pulled over their eyes



Photos Stourbridge UK, December 2016

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390 Relaxation Energy. Lessons from the Yoga Plant


Whilst it wears spikes on the outside, relaxation on the Inside is also the Aloe Vera. With self corrective methods for perfect spinal alignment and full flexibility, the “Yoga Plant” has the ability to grow naturally into poses without strain.

As it ages, Aloe Vera can grow very large. This remarkable specimen seen yesterday in Earls Court, London, had leaves at least 40 cms width at its base.  And exactly the same as humans, it needs to manage its weight. But unlike many of us,  it will tackle any unwanted ounces remarkably simply, opting for the easiest and certainly the most ideal natural response.The rate at which an aloe grows is exponential to the suppleness and agility required to support it. Consequently,  Aloe Vera can evenly distribute its weight healthily, without force, without pain.  And only without pain, one can relax.


Through living a life of “taking it easy”, it is worth noting how this Aloe Vera will ensure a constant activity, however in the UK Winter, it has to take its mastery s-l-o-w-l-y.  To accomplish its full potential for inner growth and a strong, firm, but agile physique, yoga is the all embracing method for the Aloe Vera.

Along with perfect focus and upright, balanced stature,  gentle back bends, spinal twists, arm wraps, the Downward Dog and even the perfect ‘Bridge’ are all possible, simply because Aloe Vera grows into its postures without strain.  For this plant, relaxation is not just a way of Life, it is survival. It happens not through a random decision to take a break, but via a mechanical system which has evolved by design with mathematical precision over millions of years. It has the perfect system for optimum well being.  With engineered accuracy, responsive to change, how does it work?

Water comprises much of its weight, and as a fluid, water is very movable. In the Aloe Vera, water imbued with nourishing chemicals, coagulates into a thick concentrate. It travels throughout its structure for excellent “spinal tap”. This life-giving substance is the same well known healing gel which we now use to soothe burns, relieve from heat and moisturise for all weathers.

But imagine, how very nifty would it be to create your own healing liquid? Not just for after exercise, but for surviving sub zero temperatures and excessive heat.

Well, well, well…….Hello Vera! Your techniques for refreshment are completely remarkable. What a lesson in how to use relaxation energy as the secret of growth, physical fitness and self-preservation. Your DNA is amazing.

Incase any potential Aloe “Freds” were wondering, gender assignment is already considered in the Aloe Vera name, it simply doesn’t matter who or what you are, Nature is inclusive, so you can breathe. Such relaxation energy techniques are available for all to be inspired by.









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360 Strewn

img_20161106_110820549 img_20161106_110456807img_20161106_132341970_hdrimg_20161106_141139171 img_20161106_142204648 img_20161106_142218661

Where would Life take us without beautiful abandon?

Blakedown, Wyre Forest, England 

06 November 2016



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358 Out of Chaos . Thinking Edibles Reversible Food

Thinking Edibles Reversible Food


Invitation to online Private View

Saturday 5 November

to 22.30 GMT, 17.30 EST

After the Private View, Thinking Edibles will only then be open to the public. 

If you would like to attend the Private View, you will need to click this link to see the works in full



In the fragile nature of turning leaves, one particular leaf had a very special identity of its own. Full of flux in its very unusual changing colour, in response to change, its own botanicals was breaking down proteins in the most spectacular ways.  Observing those  processes,  I was made to question  the modern role and  quality of food and its effect on our mental well being in creating long term balanced, positive states of minds.

More to see via the link.

If you like art, but are not familiar with Sedition Art, it is a great concept to follow modern ideas to be inspired by. Simple and very cool!



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357 How very non linear

img_20161104_152135807 img_20161104_152420500

Hedged betting

Sharp unfriendly edges

Decay alongside Promise

Clusters of bright hope

Out of the wizened

The cold accelerates

Autumn in the UK

Expect the unexpected.




Walking home from Stourbridge 15.30 04 November 2016

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356 Nature’s biggest change agent plays me at my own game


Last night’s Sunset,  suburbia trees and blue skies.

This morning’s earliest sunlight, and the Sun has taken to draughting yesterday’s urban landscape into shadows, on my wardrobe.

Unrealised by me until earlier this evening when saving my photos, and these were in the same camera folder on my mobile.

Is there a message here?

Landscapes off the Wall.



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354 Light Tales of the Sunset Hour

img_20161102_162600535img_20161102_162734431_hdrimg_20161102_163235872_hdrimg_20161102_165238742 img_20161102_165543690_hdrimg_20161102_172428924img_20161102_172613822img_20161102_172758982

England  in 63 minutes  . 16.24 – 17.27

Aglow till the sky roared in flames, then



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