395 A lesson in bird sense. When in a fog, stay still work less

A topic of conversation this week between friends. A very ordinary picture taken on Monday morning, dense fog, so very surprising, that as with every single morning, a bird should still take his place at the top of this tree.

With virtual invisibility. is force of habit so engrained over common sense?  A puzzle, so the question was posted on facebook. Back came a very interesting response.


“Birds sense of vision is very different. They will pick up ultra violet too. Humans have a very, very limited visible spectrum.” Amazing answer. This was from my own son, naturally I thought I couldn’t leave that to chance.  And then I found the following:

“…..some species of birds,  do take at least some of the day “off” and do not go out to search for food in the fog. (but)… some of those birds may look like they are taking it easy, but may have been up before dawn and have already done their early morning feeding–fog or no fog. They may just be hunkering down to relax during a time when they know it is more difficult for both them and their predators to be out flying and looking for food….

On the whole, birds have much better vision than humans do. Many kinds of birds have the ability to see much greater detail than we do with the ability to see into the ultraviolet range of light…. Others have retinas that are set up with the different colour-sensing cones placed differentially such that they see certain colours best when looking upward, other colours best when looking down, and still another altered range of colours when looking sideways. Many birds can see through the fog as if they were wearing blue-blocker sunglasses and can easily navigate in all but the most dense of fogs.

Many birds do not travel very far to search for food. These birds know their local area as well as you know how to walk through your own house at night. With the barest of clues, they could almost fly from place to place in their neighbourhood while blindfolded. The fog is a bit of an impediment, but not one that will stop them from going out to forage for food and water”                                                                        

Ref: https://www.quora.com/How-do-birds-fly-and-look-for-food-during-foggy-days

Never thought that such a grey picture would be that interesting. And a source of great pleasure through that very satisfying feeling when your children stretch your understanding not only of the world, but of them.  “Relaxed efficiency”. Grey days will never be the same. Just brilliant.


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394 Recline not decline . Brushing not rushing . Space and not haste . Grace the new air, not outdated cares






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393 On the wild side. Party season. Dark till dawn, redress to destress


There is a thriller in the chiller.  Solid, reliable Snowberries by day, transform into the funkiest “oggler-boggler” ready to go.


Hanging out…?  Beech is not ready to drop yet either, but after a little too much dry cold, it plays a neat masquerade as “bats on a branch”


What the musical “Hair”did for baby boomer afro perms, the silvery, delicate Fluffs bring a touch of glamour as “floral sheep” – at least in their imagination.


Then finally, after 15 hours of silent frolic, its time to sleep it off by day until dusk.

Fashion parties. Its always the quiet ones.

All very cool.


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1.8.4 Beautiful decay

February, the flowerheads of Hydrangea are now brittle, but whole.  Fragility has been going strong due to the mildness of this Winter. Like the subtle and cruel onslaught of the Beast of Alzheimer’s, decline of the bloom has been so gradual.  We should now take time to mourn the loss of former grandeur of a bloom which had such joie de vivre.

But now looking like a little like dusty and fading of moth wings, this ghost of a former life is surrounded by the colour of the present. It sits, like Dickens’ Miss Havisham, waiting in  airy ruins for nothing in particular,  and like her,  sadly can not fly.

How best to think of this modern decay? What is it all about, that deterioriation of cells we can not see and less understand. One respite, as the holes appear amongst the grey matter, there is new space. At long last, light will hit the ground to wake the dead and rotten in mind. Time to blow the dust off Winter. Beautiful hydrangea will bloom again this summer. Memory is the most wonderful thing to look forward with.

20140826_175102_5_bestshot - Version 4










Stourbridge, West Midlands, UK

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A family friend with the fullest hydrangea joie de vivre was surpassed by Alzeimer’s and Parkinsons very recently. How true it is that Life is made of memories. Treasure yours.


179 Art imitates Life imitates nature . Valentine’s Gallery of Roses auction


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155 Royal Diversions of Autumness in Victoria and Albert’s Garden


Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 2pm, November 4 2015.

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In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Treat.”