273 How May rejoices its colour differences in the neighbourhood

Where coloured looks exotic and strong from a distance, and white will impart a light bouquet.




Species are designed to complement.












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264 To kiss the summer, Rosa’s ideas for a little natural botoxing


This year’s Ideal

Go past the usual reusable one pair of lips, and opt instead for an equally natural, reverse botox.  Increase attractiveness easily, you can have for yourself the brightest shades of multi-layered disposable pouters. Available in any shade you wish, and like any luscious rose, you too can be ready to test a whole summer’s kissing with a new looking pair of soft rose petal lips to order.


A word of caution

With the multi-lipped approach, what may happen after that kiss, could be a little tell-tale,  but don’t worry, it is au oh natural that your lips will gradually turn blue, be unrecognisable and then fall off – but only to reveal your next layer of smackers.



Do not be overly concerned, as in the above scenario, that once the colour has gone, one’s pout may look a little deflated, infact rather like death, but no worries, you can just have a new set – next year, and it won’t cost you a pretty penny….(because the results will not be at all pretty…..)

It is essential to note that the treatment has to be annually applied as Nature also has her own highly developed commercial senses with cosmetic finishing – she only works seasonally. As with all of Nature’s products – all mouths are biodegradable.


© 2016 La Floralie 2

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