377 Wake up somewhere between Dreaming and Reality  

And it will be time to leave the past week far behind you. Once that is done the day will always become bright. Make a wish.

Then take a walk along Pavement towards Town. Today in Autumn, when the sky is China Blue it will be so very clear above your head, that you will see infinity. Somewhere along A2B Point, allow yourself to stop and look around. Look up to check the trees for any final remnants of that precious gold leaf flapping its lustre. Breathe in the space.

Now look down. By your feet, there will be a safari in the making. If you have never witnessed how some rather unremarkable greenery is conjured into old, leathery African elephants coming to a final resting place, then look now because the experience will only last a moment and can not be repeated.  Marvel, move forward, but don’t be surprised, it’s only magic. It comes from you.






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