About La Floralie 2

Introducing La Floralie 2


La Floralie 2 follows La Floralie , which was dedicated to and inspired by 2 special people, Lesley Ann and Peter.  The tribute and access to that dedication is via this link.


From May 2014 until today 17 September 2015,  La Floralie gradually developed  with an edited selection of imagery from over 27000 photos. Nature, although seasonal, is timeless, so whichever season you might be turning in, feel free to still travel the flora on La Floralie. Any feedback is always valued. It finished at 108 and La Floralie 2 starts at 109.


In the past year, I have taken to blogging, it has surprised me in how it connects me so readily with the outside world to express and exchange ideas and conversations. Observing, documenting and communicating with a focus on flora to a global and unknown audience is a fascinating process. Once I started, that feeling of “connectedness” became more than a virtual reality. I had not reckoned with the fact that to blog is an amazing gift of our modern age and that we can all be part of it,  indulge, share and exchange our individual interests.

However, during the past year or so, I have had to be mindful of the site’s technical space limits,  so the long term outlook for the posts is to explore the possibilities of limitless space and storage for a richer website content of expression. Harnessing those skills will come gradually, but I know that the possibilities of virtual connectivity will become even more exciting.


As I observe the floral world, with its primitive and sophisticated excellency, there is always something new, but the age old and humbling truth is that there is nothing else on Earth which can replace or surpass its mystery, complexity, beauty, power or technology.

Many years ago, I trained in Fine Art,  I learned through phenomenal teachers, that drawing is an act of discovering the world. Within the blog,  this instant mobile photography is really no more than a research sketchbook and visual diary. The once simple, everyday walks with Nature, the moments of staring at dead flowers in a vase or the glancing of fields out a train window all became imbued with richer experiences. “Magical” will sum it up nicely.

La Floralie 2 blog is the “continuum” of my special friends legacy. The early hours of September 17 began its travels into undiscovery.



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