379 Black art charms a modern Winter’s dusk

img_20161122_163114816 img_20161122_163430126 img_20161122_163403269 img_20161122_163337498 img_20161122_163332845 img_20161122_163309859 img_20161122_163305211 img_20161122_163258373 img_20161122_163223079

Black Art charms

A modern Winter’s dusk

For urban renewal

Money changes dwellings

Gold glimmers on trees

The Art of Nature

Rests its spirit

For the Nature of Art

Where living silver birches once grew

Suns set on a haunt

Where no bird can nest

The omnipresent resplendent rod

Giant Nightstick

Peninsula Square

Greenwich Peninsula, London, 22 November


© 2016 La Floralie 2

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