362 Open Day . Design for Disorder

Made to be Disruptive . Magnolia


From yesterday’s sunshine at 9.00am to the first Autumn frost this morning, Magnolia’s precision engineering was at work, design responding with the season, a deliberate and planned activity, created to survive and adapt against the wildcards of chaos.

Today there was some silent withering and frozen sleepiness amongst the pods. One whole pod was completely comatose. However, one berry, whilst confidently poised in take-off pose to land on soil must still wait. It is now luck, and not skill and technique, which will determine its fate.

Might the scarlet seed become subject to an opportune bird, or could the ultimate promise to blossom actually be fulfilled? If so, there are still many stages to pass before attaining splendour. Firstly, another entombment is required, an essential casing of deep cold sleep, must suspend the berry to 3 months of Snow White unconsciousness. And then it will be Chance along with Time, that will signal the rights of germination or an early ending for the blood like drops.

Until the Spring.


Stourbridge, UK  7-8 November 2016




© 2016 La Floralie 2


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