339 The search for Friday’s blind date on the plate

The Quest: How to create the right situation for a good looking set of mussels?

Creating that cosy wrap for a steamy date with the mussels of your choice can be easy and on-trend eco.

Corn and mussels are both in season, but in a surprising match, it’s the outer leaves of a corn cob which can be used to partner your mussels.


Gently wrapped in the corn outer leaves to keep them dry, the mussels will gently heat in their own moisture,  and retain all their firm good looks without getting too wet. To ensure a well groomed look, add fennel or herb butter and parsley once on the plate on the open shells,  and the meal will go well.


To give a natural impression right to the end, after finishing the mussels, the shells can be wrapped in newspaper with other waste vegetable matter and used as compost. Newspaper is essentially wood and so will decompose easily – worms like it a lot.


As for the corn leaves, like many of us, they are also good second-time around. Straighten out and just absorb the moisture between newspaper or tea towel. Once used again,  not only are corn leaves a very good partner in the steam, but they also totally compostable. No waste.

If only all dates could be biodegradable.




© 2016 La Floralie 2


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