338 Falling upwards . Thanks to Binh Danh

Life’s stages are defined by the quantities of light that fall to Earth

In timed boundaries of orbital spin

To energise a Spring, enhance the pace for Summer’s growth

Or transform a world back to darkness from whence we came

Towards the Earth in lessening lights

With the signal of a pink Harvest Moon

The time of The Fall is now 1 day old

But today this new season of the leaf completely transcended my annual expectation

Nature’s technology met human creativity

With a leap of faith in the leaves

If Autumn has been known as The Fall

See how its own stunning photochemistry transforms

An earthly journey reverses to an upward trend

In messages embued of humanity through light.


To view more stunning imagery see links for interview below and slides.

The process is not exclusive, but as a sensitive photo-artist Binh Danh just uses it brilliantly and shares his experience.

Perhaps finding this today, is also coincidental how we need simple ways to find peace in our times.



POSTSCRIPT . (Binh Danh definitely for the photochallengers too)


© 2016 La Floralie 2

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