335 Time to reflect mutual needs

IMG_20160828_112826240_HDR copy

Summer edges the Autumn in and the two landscapes of ground and sky meet. With curious lumps and bumps on both sides, it almost seems a bit of a crash landing of the seasons.

Many uneven tapestries of tiny florals beckon the swirling grey mass to release its swollen droplets. In the solid mass of bracken, the heathery harshness must work hard to charm the movement of colourless. flowing grey, gaseous clouds to rain.

Where is the mirroring of needs.  In what appears to be polar opposites, there is great compatibility. Light and water fall only to be sent back up to the Heavens, but one wonders as one waits:  Does Land and Sky communicate to each other in  “What say thou? ” only to be told “No, no what say thou?

Stiperstones, Shropshire, August 2016




© 2016 La Floralie 2



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