290 Bark on the tastebuds…What will we seek from our woods in 10 years?

Bark when it divides holds the new. It smells new…When life does leap out,that green mildewy look on the bark, does not look very pleasing.  But woody dampness from the atmosphere needs to settle.  Is there a little symbiosis happening?.  Could we believe that mildewy licheny mould usefully allows bark to keeps its  nutrients? A natural penicillin face pack, but packed with green goodness, we can not let an opportunity go. This is growing technology, not just recyclable.
Next where will those multi-antennae  shoots seek to attract? The buds spring forth from an old exterior, are dipped in sap, Nature’s glistening caramel. Pudding. Could we cultivate a taste for Spring through mildew and sap? Lets see what our reliances are in 10 years. Oak bark lichen, foraged and then smoked in the woods, amazing for inner wellbeing…
Eat that tree!

IMG_6593 IMG_6588 IMG_6594






© 2016 La Floralie 2





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