239 Sunday Brunch . Backs to the sun, Daffodils gather their curiousity for a meal from below.



© 2016 La Floralie 2



      1. Hi Jane, last week i nearly bought a pot with jonquils or fresias ( i always get them mixed up) – I love their fragrance in spring. I dont tend to grow many flowers here — its all high rise apartments – but i love it that i can afford to buy fresh flowers often, especially my favourites, roses…..

        i was just recommending your blog to Mary over at

        She has a beautiful new post on pasque flowers – how wonderful to introduce flower lovers on different continents courtesy of blogsville!!!!!

        ‘la vita es bella’ 🙂

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      2. unfortunately China has become so urbanised, that what used to be countryside and rural areas is now all high-rise. it’s very sad. it gets very soul destroying seeing rows and rows of endless skyscrapers…. there are some nature areas around but quite limited….. sadly.


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