200 When Lily met Iris

IMG_5699  IMG_5700          On opening my petals, there could have been a blank wall, but there she was, a pure blue symphony. A symbol of modernity and mystery, she was a bloom of her time, complex, attractive and empowered.


As I moved forward to look at her she said. “You smell truly wonderful. I was born without fragrance.” “Thank you,” I said, “I was born with perfume , but no colour, and may I say you have wonderful complexity of form”

“Mr Lily”, I believe we might be quite well suited, “Let me stretch my arms…vases were made for dancing in..”

IMG_5707  IMG_5704

And then Iris said, “Mr Lily, for the brief 1000 moments we have in each other’s lifetimes, let’s live together…Lets talk, lets watch the world from these vases, and with the other cut flowers, and embrace this one and only brief opportunity to be in perfect harmony.”

“Yes, Iris, let’s live that one chance” I said.

They say flowers don’t talk…….

© 2016 La Floralie 2

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge:


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