192 The Thinking Leaf

I am a leaf. Today 29 February, according to the Lunar Calendar, it is a rare day.   I am a leaf, but now In advanced age, I am Reptilia, with odd slow head, bloodless and textured like a lizard.


Now chameleon in form, and in habitual dilemma of contrary thinking,  I am the leaf who wants to have brightest winged eyes like a Peacock butterfly, but I am a leaf.

IMG_5162   IMG_5163

I am a leaf. Under constant reinvention, now older, smaller, I am a fragment,  a fading profile of a fine head portrait of a young African female. She must have been an amazing butterfly. Graceful, earthy, but delicately edged, she chooses careful disintegration in her watercolour  passing. She is my mind, my memory. I am a leaf.

IMG_5172   IMG_5171  IMG_5170   IMG_5169

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 22.25.39


In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge:


© 2016 La Floralie 2


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