1.8.4 Beautiful decay

February, the flowerheads of Hydrangea are now brittle, but whole.  Fragility has been going strong due to the mildness of this Winter. Like the subtle and cruel onslaught of the Beast of Alzheimer’s, decline of the bloom has been so gradual.  We should now take time to mourn the loss of former grandeur of a bloom which had such joie de vivre.

But now looking like a little like dusty and fading of moth wings, this ghost of a former life is surrounded by the colour of the present. It sits, like Dickens’ Miss Havisham, waiting in  airy ruins for nothing in particular,  and like her,  sadly can not fly.

How best to think of this modern decay? What is it all about, that deterioriation of cells we can not see and less understand. One respite, as the holes appear amongst the grey matter, there is new space. At long last, light will hit the ground to wake the dead and rotten in mind. Time to blow the dust off Winter. Beautiful hydrangea will bloom again this summer. Memory is the most wonderful thing to look forward with.

20140826_175102_5_bestshot - Version 4










Stourbridge, West Midlands, UK

© 2016 La Floralie 2

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge:


A family friend with the fullest hydrangea joie de vivre was surpassed by Alzeimer’s and Parkinsons very recently. How true it is that Life is made of memories. Treasure yours.



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