1.8.3 Ornamentalis, Seasonal City of Heavenly Dreaming

Is at last in view. 

Here in The Northern Hemisphere, Winter is falling into silence.  A day grows slightly longer, like the grass. Wondering at the city’s temporal reasoning for that refrigerated storage of energy to take a leap, may take a lifetime, so always  be grateful for its awe-inspiring sights and memories.

The Circles of climate and the seasons as we know it, in our lifetime. is indeed changing.  Of nature, Life is magical, but events are unpredictable.

20140927_161130_6_bestshot (1)

Grasp what you can, but don’t ever expect to keep it. Enjoy its transient beauty and allow it to enrich you while its here.  Life can be so very good in Ornamentalis, but one never knows when life must change.

Soon vibrant mysteries will exist briefly above the Earth’s surface. Complex colour choices in Ornamentalis will offer the unique  before returning back to the ground for final permission to take leave into  a sumptuous, truly ornate eternity – liberation to an imagined garden, Paradise.

Is it a place where Nature is made of bright, everlasting Kindness and permanent sunshine?  Even if faith happens in the last tense seconds of life, how reassuring is it that Eternity, if certainly permanent,  it can also be the most immensely secure truth we can ever hold.

Stourbridge, West Midlands, UK

© 2016 La Floralie 2

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge:




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