GALLERY 182 Gallantry. Earthquakes of light dare with the art of death and whisk evolution…

to shake the brown …….utterly.

What feels like the shock of explosive forces, turns out to be just the science of ice cream making, spinning new life crystals through light, air and water.

Outside and inside,  Flora’s life and death meet together within the compulsions of Universal Law. Death has no stillness. There is no such thing as biodegradability.

Through th wt shudder of water crystalsIMG_6933 - Version 7

Unseen in the making, the new and delicate will emerge from the centrifuge, coned for a new future of unspeakable delight. A lifetime of the old Flora molecular will be crystallised by photon power and then await permission before departing towards a brand new existence with a different, but evolved nature.

From a destiny once made to go back to the Earth, who knows what the Art of Life may inspire? Its mysteries may mean a new courage, a new courage which  can travel deeply towards centre of the planet or fly with the stars. Ice cream making lives on through the astro.


© 2016 La Floralie 2

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