180 The fine art of 14 Feb . Life changing date with fine trunk

It can be a most novel idea on 14 February to go for a walk in the woods to meet tall and dark strangers for the first time.

Some are markedly a little rough, bendy, knock-kneed and without smooth coat – and oddly, a little bit wooden – yet by appearance, handsome in a formidable sort of way..

At a glance, there is an acceptable rugged exterior, a few abrasions, close shaves and character forming lines.


A finest full head branches outward in the breeze. Things look good on top.


But on closer inspection of scalp, there is some flakiness of cells. Infact considerable.


And then there is the case of the one protruding eye socket with low brow right on the lid and missing eyeball…


Checking further at the root, there are elements of frostbite with the septic look of gout… All bravely accumulated through acts of courage within the immediate environment, but with an imminent danger of falling over and dying by the second or third time out, along with the acute possibility of crushing a trusting romantic acquaintance – to death.

Perhaps there are other ways of branching out……


© 2016 La Floralie 2


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