168 Tree’s motto on transition today: “Adapt to survive . Be flexible to progress”

IMG_6046 .

Lesson 1 . How to change positively  in times of cutbacks                             by Woodland Tree

Cutbacks affect all. They can leave parts very exposed, open to excessive moisture, but also drought. Under such stress, It may seem as if the ageing process will hasten and that the cracks will will surely begin to show earlier than anticipated. The following guide may help:

i) Death will eventually happen, but a cautionary note, do not fear more than necessary. This is just another stage. Whilst death is inevitable, it is simply an unknown transition. It just looks like a dark space without even any moonlight. Never mind, what we do know is, that Death is recycling and renewal, au natural,  so… BE VERY POSITIVE in the event.

In the meantime, before that occurs ….

ii) If you have suffered a severe cutback or other form of stress or just concerned about the ageing process, treat any cracks which develop on your surface through as nothing more than “hospitality wrinkles”. They have been put in place to embellish your character and their form will help others on their natural journeys.

One way:

iii) Give a friend a home. and see how the help becomes contagious and then changes life itself for the better.

Observe in the above image, how nimble Spider, who is very able to crawl in and out of cracks, found a lovely corner to weave a small convenient web.  Away from the elements, here was stable shelter along with a perfectly lovely platform for some 8 legged yogic workouts. This would not have been possible if my inside trunk had not been exposed and allowed to “dry-out”. I certainly had no idea that my sternum could be turned into a “Grand Canyon” challenge, and include an aesthetically pleasing darkened floor to be admired and used. So wonderfully practical.

Likewise, Spider’s web was never just a trap; but little did it know, that its skills and knowledge would help Leaf. A bigger entity than spider, but no legs or brain,  and certainly still much smaller than a mighty tree or even a twig.

In this instance, once Leaf had fluttered downwards and was caught by Coincidence, it provided additional shelter as a substantial aerated roofing system. In doing so, it would also be allowed to enjoy its own mid-life stage for longer, instead of being trampled underfoot into mud and water. It had found a unique purpose to its Life. Lucky Leaf.

In any case, not all leaves can go down to the forest floor in one falling, it would just be too busy. And all leaves are advised to be gracious,  they should take their turn and see what other adventure Nature has in store for them. One never knows how the wind will blow.

iv) Finally, the trees. The biggest, the heaviest and the tallest on the woodland floor are created to bring and maintain stability. With their propensity to grow roots and to connect the depths of the Earth and branch upwards to the Heavens,  they can not,  nor should not attempt to move.


Their place is to watch the forest and be  host and guardian of the panoramas. Their sturdy 360 degree bodies are an enviable structure of power. They are the leaders and visionaries of the earthy corporation, but their willingness to foster  diversity is the key to long term survival, hence their successful evolution and also our planet. There can be no tolerance of cutback, just lessons.

One exacting warning though,  for those who might choose to follow Macbethian principles in Life and prefer not to recognise the simple and sociable rules of the woodland floor which exist for all,  “Birnam* wood does come to Dunsinane” . (Old English for Burnham)

Best to read the Shakespeare or go for a walk in the woods……The consensus is there. For any leaf which may resist the time, Time has a strange way of impaling resistant individuals to themselves. Such is the loneliest, most colourless destiny, whilst others will have moved together with understanding and unity.






© 2015 La Floralie 2




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