137 Dressing Flora . Mirror

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “(Extra)ordinary.”

When a flower is dressing, a final reflection is everything. At any age, the sharpness of all defining truths revealed in morning light, commands a total respect for the company with one’s own image and the softness of complete privacy. Most especially in Autumn.

From Surrey to Stourbridge

One mirror was bestowed a reflective career on one bedroom mantelpiece in Surrey from 1966-2012. It was probably an original part of that house, built around 1910.  In that bedroom, its role was to mirror the rising sky of the East and follow it to the West. During those latter and heady decades of the C20th, it followed the daily application of brilliantine on sensible short haircuts of middle aged men, watched the accuracy of mascara applied to teenage make-up, and witnessed enough hairspray from to stiffen the attention of a thousand heads to stone.

Through its glassy eye, it would overlook how the decades of nurtured English fruit trees and how childish play in the family garden chased butterflies through four generations. Certainly many gladioli grew here and at this time of year, the excitement of orange pumpkins.

Now positioned in the West Midlands, that mirror still glances the direction of the dawn, but 200 miles northwards. Through its 100 years of enlightening our image, did its viewers ever know, that especially when our backs turned, there is a always a view which the mirror will neatly illumine to others, that we all show our beautiful and colourful past literally on the very back of ourselves. The mirror reflects all.

© 2015 La Floralie 2



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