112 Autumn Equinox. The Divine Migration


The time is now. The Autumn Equinox is the signal for truths which must come to pass. Migration. Moving from home. New Connections. Chance meetings. Loneliness. Independence.  Bravado. Change. It is not planned, it is a must and it is not restful.

Divinity pushes all foliage to the edge of gravity to join en masse the greatest movements across the Earth.  When leaves must flutter and flee for  new resting places,  fate can only promise uncertainty, but all must take that chance.

Some might test the cause as a brand new adventure to the tarmac metropolis, others will quickly find the modern urban pavement can be a very hard place. Once the bright surfaces and infectious energy of former season, now the “old glamour verdure”  are weathered,  reshaped to indistinction, occasionally in a little disgrace. But once all beautiful, they must still prove the might of every dangling cell.

For those landing softly on grassy ground, they may dissolve into the fabric and begone, but they will be still.. Others, temporarily caught in branches and thickets on downward spiral, will adopt their new “secure” fate willingly. It may be a modest offering of a sure haven.

This giant drifting. In the matter of weeks, new global communities will be gliding, yellow wet on yellow wetter on yellow wettest.  The command of even the spiked grasses sharp as a sword in summer,  retreats. All move together into the cracks of the Earth’.  Surely there will be some subtle beauty to find in the process, but in the migration to nowhere yet, the time is just beginning and it is now.

© 2015 La Floralie 2                                                                                                                  Copy it right


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