111 Gardening English Roses with Sherpa Tenzing and Edward Scissorhands

Each a unique global entity and cultural icon, the great Himalayan climber Tenzing Norgay and fantasy film character Edward Scissorhands both lived their lives and passions with snow and ice, but also for flora and gardens.



When “Sherpa Tenzing” Norgay was part of the first successful ascent up Everest in 1953, he created history for the world and mankind, but recognition was special within his own people, Indians and Nepalis. He was a proud, but modest giant of a man, accessible and gracious. In his home of Darjeeling, West Bengal, he would tend his own small garden amongst a truly magnifiqueview of his roots, the Himalaya. He had visited England, and had particularly fond memories of the roses in the gardens of Surrey, UK when visiting fellow climbers and friends. His own “home museum” contained an assortment of fragile delicacies of Nature’s findings from the mountains, such as feathers, a fossil, a leaf.


Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 17.24.34

For Edward Scissorhands, his unique hand crafting skills with ice and aesthetic sensitivities as a highly creative gardener is immortalised in screen history. For sure, all types of English roses and gardens would provide the perfect opportunity for his gothic gentility if only he were real.

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Unfortunately  Edward Scissorhands was never fated to meet Tenzing for an exchange of conversation on abilities and the challenges of ice, snow and roses. Tenzing d.1986, would not have had the opportunity to meet the character of Edward Scissorhands b 1990; but thankfully, through virtual reality, global blogging can unite time and culture, the past and future, fantasy and real can come together.  Diversity of backgrounds unite with joint modesty and substantial achievements For a moment, they can meet and stand together and enjoy their substantial contributions as ‘gardeners’,  through our English garden of roses.



To begin with culture,  the vibrant hue known as ‘Bengal Rose’ in the best artists paintboxes,  is an unofficial national colour of India. Its very brightness and centre are statements of energy and vitality. Its enthusiasm and bravado for life will attract many followers to its centre over its lifetime.

By comparison, on the other side of the garden, the cool white English rose, whilst outwardly reserved, has evolved with a depth of complexity and sophisticated purity.


Rose species have evolved for over 35 million years from the Arctic to across the Americas,  Asia and Europe, yet they are a mere youngster compared with the mighty Himalaya, which have been clocked at 450 million years.

The delicate blossoms of the prized English white rose, peak through the summer to early Autumn. However, its growth is a tricky ascent up a very thorny stem. The blooms are made to perfection, but the season and British weather – highly unpredictable. Guided by the dictat of light, the petals will open and close accordingly, to release or close the bar to those exotically perfumed  and protective caverns. Folding outwards and inwards at apparent will,  we all love to behold them.


Yet the beauty of those inner and outer surfaces will be deceptive. Like moving sands or snow, they come with dual personality.  Curvature, ripples and immense fragility can extend as a ravenous desert of seemingly the most beautiful flesh, but which can imperceptibly change at will, dehydrate and flail, or else stretch out to become flat and desolate landscapes with no sense of cover, direction nor exit.

Even the fragrant bowl of a rose, when closed, can be a sealed, compassionless, opaque white tomb. And for all its softness and sweetness, an unexpected momentary event in the climate can bring a landslide of irreversible disaster for an Ice Queen bloom, who will also take those on her with her to an abyss of shared fate with no return.


As with the crispest snow, a white rose bloom has freshness, light and glacial delight. But if one should be succumbed to venture in and explore, without a sense of compass and time, one could be deluded to madness when seeking direction and escape.

When the magnetism of charisma can unreservedly deploy the power of its charm,  inaccessible beauty should always command the deepest reverence.  Only the perceptive, well practiced, brave and humble can interpret with success the boundaries and hidden depths which underly the challenges of the satiny petals on the most precious blooms or diamond snows on Earth’s highest mountain range.


In England , where we have white roses, we must have red, that is an ancient history behind our constitution*.  Tenzing must have smelled the strength of many a burgundy pleasure in England, its scent is full and classic and colour as deep as our blood.

When Edward Scissorhands cut skin and flowers,  both were with tenderness. With his special gift, in this English garden, roses of all species would entrust their care to him. With steely scissor hand hardness and grip, in all matters of any thorny stems, through trial and triumph of snow and ice, he would be in perfect position as Protector of Petals,  and importantly bestowed as Carer of the Ground with his own special brand of creative cut.

Somewhere out there I am sure Tenzing and Edward would meet each other in a rose garden created for ice and snow.




Earliest rose fossil found in Florrisant,Colorado 35 million years


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