109 Autumn Unsigned

If Life imitates art. Flora is an artist of disguise.

Watch Autumn’s art come alive.


Capturing the exotic of an Indian Summer afternoon, blue eyes appear under a pair of perfectly arched eyebrows.


Sunday afternoon sculpture, executed with immaculate formation into perfect circles. A multi legged traveller with finest mandibles sculpts rose leaves in secret on a Saturday night.

Carefully carving by jaw until the right balance of aesthetic layering is achieved will be her satisfaction., “Eat your art out” is the show. Leaves were never so Barbara Hepworth.


Laying in still silence is the cunning. Oak leaf which drifted from the heights of suburban trees onto grassy ground now assumes the spirit of Gingery Fox in alter ego.

It will wait patiently for both the warmth and then the fall of the sun. Once that mid Autumn light has done its job of ripening the life of day,  the order is released for the endorphins of this night nocturnal to take charge. Truly a “leaf-changing” experience.



When late afternoon breaks,  Shadowy Leaf  Bat will hang in place to take the frame. When the sun finally sets, its form will merges with the night. This was one confused tree.


IMG_3203 IMG_3205

One may always understandably assume that once a leaf in Autumn departs from a branch, hits the ground and dissolves or dehydrates, that the destiny of the season is certain death,. Such conceptual artful thinking could indeed be construed as the truest meaning of still life  But as living art, it would be a vanity to think that the role of Autumn is for these carboniferous structures simply fade to decay and vanish quietly into the invisibility of memories and eventual oblivion.

Any fabric of still-life here lives. It just sinks deeper and deeper into the earth to reconstitute as our most primitive quill, blackest charcoal and most valuable art prize, whitest diamond. Nature’s pioneering flower powered technology has always been responsible for the future history of the world. Such is the role of the Unsigned. True artistry.

© 2015 La Floralie 2                                                                                                          Copy it right


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